Criminal: Improv Comedy Night
7:45 PM19:45

Criminal: Improv Comedy Night

"What is Criminal, Mummy?"
"Well, son, it's basically an improv show. A grisly murder has happened and one comedian has to work out which of three other comedians is guilty."
"Who's performing, Mum?"
"Well, dear, they've got Marcus Brigstocke ("I've yet to see anything funnier" - Telegraph), Lauren Shearing ("A compelling comic actress" - The Scotsman), David Reed (★★★★★ - The Skinny), and Idil Sukan ("Whip-smart" - Three Weeks). What do you think of that?"
"It sounds terrible."
"You're really not qualified to criticise it. It's been running since 2015 and people like Josie Lawrence, Miles Jupp and Cariad Lloyd have done it. So I think it's going to be great."
"I'm not coming."
"Yeah, good. Let's be honest, you'd ruin it. I'll leave you at home."

Criminal is produced and hosted by Ralph Jones and Joel Gatehouse.

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